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Sky Clean | water fed pole window cleaning

Residential Window Cleaning

Sky Clean uses two main modalities for cleaning windows: squeegees and "water fed."  Squeegees are used for interior and sometimes for exterior window cleaning.  We also use a purified water system that is run through a water fed pole with a soft brush on the end.  You can read more about this method by clicking here.  Using the water fed method means that we can offer cost effective window cleaning even for very difficult to reach windows.  Additionally, it is chemical free and 100% effective. 

Window Cleaning Prices 

Window cleaning prices increase depending upon the difficulty of cleaning the window.  Here are some examples of the factors that determine price: location of the windows, if the windows can be water-fed cleaned on the outside, and how many individual actual panes of glass make up each window.   Because there are multiple factors involved in pricing a widow cleaning, it does require us to look at the job before we can give a definite bid.  With that in mind, Sky Clean’s starting prices are listed below.  

Residential windows, inside and out, starting at

20 Windows $179
30 Windows $232
40 Windows $292


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